Kehsarra Clydesdale Rescue

Kehsarra Clydesdale Rescue


The Rescue Operation That Inspired Us

In August 2015, Lynn Brierley, our founder, started looking for a companion for her young Clydesdale, Asha. Her friend from NSW mentioned Hercules or Herc, a Clydesdale who needed a home. Lyn found out that the owners could not afford to feed Hercules, who was very underweight.

She was told that Hercules had been worked to the ground for 16 years. Thereafter, he was kept in a dark stable, shackled and unfettered. When Lynn heard about his story, she immediately fed him with hay and arranged transport to bring him home.

His Way Home

Herc’s trip was not a good one. His travel was delayed when he arrived in Victoria as he became ill during the ride. A vet attended Hercules the moment he arrived at his new home. He was weak, underweight and diagnosed with pneumonia so he was put on electrolytes and antibiotics.

Hercules’ Struggle

Next day, Hercules became worse and she called the vet back. The vet said, “There’s more going on with him than we know” and suggested to let him go. But Lynn was determined to keep him. Hence, once again, Herc was pumped with anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers.

Shortly after, her son, daughter and son-in-law arrived. That made her mind firm not to abandon her hope that Hercules would become well. He had come this far. So they got their heads together and came up with a plan.

They brought Herc into the paddock and tied two ropes on his halter. Her son and daughter pulled while her son-in-law stood behind. Lynn and Mark encouraged him, swinging the crop close to him and yelling, “Get up Herc! Come on, you can do it!" Herc got up and started to walk. It was a dramatic moment.

Thereafter, they conducted hourly checks 24/7 for three weeks to make sure that if he went down, he could get up. It took him long to get used to horse feed and five weeks before he finally approached us. We consider those days a turning point for him.

How Hercules Is Today

Although Hercules struggled with age, arthritis, muscle degeneration, health deterioration and residue of untreated stringhalt issues, he weathered all of them. At present, he has muscle wastage on the hip. There is nothing that can be done for that, but he seems happy with his condition now.

He will live his golden years here at Kehsarra Clydesdale Rescue in Tarpeena, South Australia where he will be spoiled and loved forever.